Marion Christine Fraede is owner of Equestrian (Horse) Sporting Center Honsolgen, Pferdesportzentrum, MCF Consult and MCF Horse-Consult (equestrian) with international consulting project, care and looking after sales, marketing, macro economics, business economics, process optimization, information technology (IT), event management, human resources. Specialist for Integration and Infrastructure Project

There is know-how for consulting in Equestrian area. Additional Industry, business, economics, IT, equestrian, consult, consult equestrian, integration project, business economic, process optimization, interims Management, market, analysis, concepts, GAP and quality management. MCF (Frede, Fräde, Wrede, Vrede) stand for moderation, organisation, exhibition, trade show, members, staff, training, coaching, business learning, methodology, method, integration competent, technical, SAP, mentor, job searching, mentoring student. The MCF Horse Consult, by Marion Christine Fraede. The Themes are horse back riding, mount, back the right horse, dressage, jumping, jump, military, horse trading, paddock, stable, horse box, horse sense, horse breeder. Also horse consulting, breed consult, horse workshop. More themes are rider learning, rider workshop, horseman, horsemanship, riding instructor, Training, Coaching, saddle horse, riding saddle, horse-riding, riding stable, riding lesson, riding lessons, bridle path, herd book, stud book, cultivation, modesty, horse breed, breeder, cultivator, keeper, stud horse, breeding stallion, stock animal, breeding stock. Starting by analysis horse sport, achievement, tournament, ranking, strategic planning of stables and ending at horse school. More consulting for stallion, for buy and sale, school horses, marketing, horse dressage, jumping horse, jump horse, military horse, sport horse, judge. Own Equestrian sports center Pferdesportzentrum Honsolgen in Buchloe Bavaria."

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The mission of MCF Horse-Consult is the partnership and conversion of your requests - resulting out of the competence of the team. 

Marion Christine Fraede transfers for this her horsemanship motto into the collaboration with the clients:


“The horseman is only so much valued,
like he for his horse!


That is a motto, which was given me already in my earliest childhood. It means for me as a horseman and judge that my partner can expect highest achievement and recognition.  I expand this on my personal engagement for my customers.

In a partially superficial world within and outside of the Equestrian, I build very strong partnerships with my clients. You can expect of a partner that: he acknowledges you and your requests, manages his job as a specialist and transfer the task positions careful, punctually, honestly and correctly to his clients.”

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